Changing neural patterns August 23 2018

I'm very excited to tell you that I've been trying a new method of changing thinking patterns with great success.

Most of us know that our brains develop certain pathways over time and those pathways can be very negative.  For example, say someone has insomnia.  They get into bed and think "I can't fall asleep!  This happens every night.  I'm going to be so tired tomorrow . . . ."

I watched a video where the practitioner (Dr. Kim D'Eramo) mentioned that if you ask yourself a question, you can snap your brain out of that pathway.  In the example of the insomniac she mentioned the question, "Why is my body so great at relaxing and falling asleep?"

Some of the questions that I love are, "Why am I so filled with vitality and joy?", "Why am I so great at moving through my day with ease and grace?"

I've been asking, "Why am I such a magnet for great people?",  "Why does everything always work out for me?"  "Why am I so healthy and energetic?"  "Why do I have so much leisure time?"

If my clients have hot flashes I've been suggesting, "Why are my hormones so perfectly balanced?"

You get the picture.  You can use it with anything. Try it. You'll love it!