If we are wise... March 24 2017

After hearing this story, one of my clients was so inspired that he insisted I publish another book.  But that’s not happening!  The first book was way too much work.  We settled on this blog.

A while back I was out with a friend of mine.  Her 10 year old is very hard on her 4 year old and this morning she had nothing good to say about him.  So I asked her, “Tell me what you love about your brother.”  She couldn’t come up with anything.  And I totally get that.  He replaced her as the youngest.  He’s always getting into her things.  But I saw a similarity.

I told her we were going to work on this together because there is someone in my life that I have nothing good to say about.  We went out for sushi and were making a game of turning negatives into positives.

That very week I read a passage from Proverbs that in a nutshell said ‘If we are wise, we will look for the good in others and speak well of them’.  That was a real eye opener for me.  I thought “I’m 50 years old.  It’s time for me to make this change”.  And the wisdom was so clear.  Not only would applying this Proverb improve my relationships, it would change my whole physiology.

Anyone who has read my book (available @ www.rhondaking.com) knows that I have accomplished a lot in my life through sheer determination.  This journey would be no exception!