Monday morning blues April 22 2017

We've all experienced it, even if we love our job.  The weekend was great and we just want to have more fun.  The thought of having to get up and go to work is almost overwhelming.

Once again, I have found that changing my thought pattern is the key.  I find things about my work for which I am grateful.  There are many in my case.  For example, I make people feel better for a living which is very satisfying.  I work from home rather than commuting.

But if you are having difficulty finding something good to focus on try these points:

  • Hard work contributes to self-respect
  • We are providing necessities for ourselves and possibly a family (food, clothing, shelter)
  • Perhaps our work is benefiting others in some way
  • Being a productive member of society; setting a positive example
  • If your job is physical, you're getting exercise

Still having difficulty?  Try these suggestions:

  • Set personal goals; challenge yourself to do your work better or faster than expected
  • Take pride in even the small details of your work
  • If your job involves other people, try to contribute to their happiness

I was on a disability pension for 10 years so I am happy to be able to say that I support myself and have something to contribute to others in need!  If you're having Monday morning blues, I hope you can find something in this blog to make your day better!