Progress report! April 26 2017

I noticed something this week that I feel is big progress in my desire to think and talk about only positive things.

I walk three or four mornings a week in an environmentally protected area near my home.  It's beautiful in there!  I've seen deer, snowy owls, foxes, coyote tracks (but never a coyote).  There are a few varieties of woodpeckers, lots of black-capped chickadees.  There is so much beauty you would think that my mind would only be on things for which I am grateful!

But alas, I have found my mind dwelling on things from the past that bother me.  I would catch myself and say "How can you be thinking about that when it's so gorgeous in here with the sun shining through the trees?"

I am happy to tell you that all my hard work and EFT have paid off.  My mind is staying on positive, happy thoughts without me having to make any effort.  I've successfully rewired my brain!  Not that I'm going to rest on my laurels.  As I mention in my book, "How I Recovered From Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia", progress is always two steps forward and one step back.  I'm sure there will be challenges ahead but I feel ready to meet them!