Reinforcing the positive! March 28 2017

I was telling one of my clients about my new goal - to think and say only positive things.  She has three autistic children and copes very well.  We're into a lot of the same things so I asked her what she commonly uses to remain positive.

She told me that she generally uses just simple things - nature, music.  But sometimes she just asks herself "Am I happy?"  If she is, great!  If not, she asks herself "Why am I not allowing myself to be happy?"

This was eye opening for me because in my family we have a tendency to hang on to things.  So I thought that maybe in some instances I am not allowing myself to be happy because I want to be right, or because I want others to know what I have suffered.

So, I have been working on letting go.  I don't want to repeat the same stories over and over unless they are happy, or funny stories.

Who wants to reinforce the negative?  Let's reinforce the positive!