Success! April 12 2017

Today I would like to share how the rewiring of my brain to focus exclusively on positive things has helped me.

I'm sure I'm not the only person in the world who panics whenever they hear that certain family members are coming to visit.  My sleep is affected and likely my blood pressure because I begin to think of past visits gone wrong.  I start to dwell on how my family members have hurt me and my "walls" go up.  I'm only trying to protect myself but I'm certain that my family can sense the huge barrier between us.

I recently had a member of my family visit me and decided that this needs to change.  When I found myself dwelling on the past, I immediately began to repeat "I love my family and my family love me".  I don't want to predict the future based on past experiences.  I want to embrace a future of wonderful possibilities.

I'm happy to say that it worked.  I had the best visit I've ever experienced.  I'm not walking through life with blinders on thinking that my family will never hurt me again.  But I've found that we generally get what we expect in life.  So I want to expect good things.  And I have the confidence that when I am hurt, I can deal with it in a manner that shows compassion to myself and others.  I hope you have the same confidence in yourself.