Roasted Red Pepper Soup August 12 2014

Apparently a number of people are enjoying the recipes I've posted so I thought I'd add another.

I was at another cottage last week with friends.  I made roasted red pepper soup for dinner one night and a friend from California who has travelled all over the world said that it was the best roasted red pepper soup she has ever tasted.  She asked me for the recipe so I went home to search for it in my highly organized file (that's sarcasm by the way).  Of course I couldn't find it but don't worry I never measure and it always turns out great.

Click here for the recipe

I used to roast the peppers myself but it's a lot of work!  A few weeks ago I found a jar of roasted red peppers at Costco and that's what I used at the cottage.  Because they were pickled I reduced the amount of balsamic vinegar I would normally use and increased the maple syrup a little.  I will be going to Costco soon for another jar.  Maybe I'll see you there????