More colds and flu January 01 2015

It seems like all my clients are fighting something lately so I've decided to reveal all my secrets for fighting viruses.

I've already mentioned the homeopathic flu clinic and the natural antibiotic recipe in previous blogs but if you don't already have one, a neti pot is essential.  Whenever I am around sick people or feel a cold coming on I immediately rinse my sinuses with a lukewarm saline solution.  Please use sea salt or Himalayan rock salt rather than table salt.

There is nothing more effective for getting rid of a sore throat than oregano oil!  Just put a drop on the end of your finger, stick your tongue out and reach to the back of your tongue and/or the roof of your mouth.  This will also prevent anything affecting your sinuses or throat from going down into your lungs and chest. (I must warn you oregano oil is very strong so use only the tiniest drop)

Of course extra vitamin C and D will help.  Vitamin D is more effective if it is in a liquid form.  I keep a powder Vitamin C on hand as well.

Last but not least, every fall I buy oscillococcinum (for flu) and muccococcinum (for colds) and keep them on hand for those extra strong viruses that get a hold on me despite all the above precautions.

Let's all stay healthy and enjoy the winter season!