Neurotransmitters March 27 2015

"The Edge Effect" by Eric Braverman, MD is a highly beneficial book that I didn't mention in "How I Recovered From Chronic Fatigue Syndrome".  That's because I didn't read it until I had already recovered.

Apparently, when we reach 40 years of age our brains have trouble creating the neurotransmitters needed - serotonin, dopamine, acetylcholine, and Gaba.  Deficiencies can lead to problems such as dementia, ADHD, depression, anxiety, fatigue, obesity and a host of other issues.

I took the tests in the book and discovered that I was deficient in two neurotransmitters.  Dietary and supplement changes are recommended according to the needs of the reader.  A lot of the symptoms I was blaming menopause for were alleviated when I added some supplements to my regime. 

My brain is definitely working better but am I any smarter?????  Probably not!