Adrenal exhaustion April 23 2015

One of the things that I talk about a lot with my clients is adrenal exhaustion.  So many people are fatigued constantly or have a significant drop in energy at some point in the day.  I would encourage anyone in that situation to see their physician or a naturopath but I'll share what I have learned.

Your adrenals are a small gland that sit on top of your kidneys.  When we are in a "fight or flight" situation they shoot cortisol into the bloodstream so that we can react.  However, because people are constantly stressed today our adrenals are working overtime.  After a while they can't handle the stress load.  I would encourage you to reduce your stress level if you are in that situation but we also need to give the adrenals what they need.

Your adrenals need a few basic things:  sleep, water, vitamin C and the B vitamins (especially B12).  You can also purchase supplements that contain bovine adrenal (believe it or not) that will help rebuild the adrenals.

I recently learned that your adrenals also need salt.  So many people today are attempting to reduce salt but we do need it.  Not the kind that's in processed foods though!!!  Try Celtic, Himalayan Rock Salt or even Sea Salt.  And check out this website to learn more about salt and your adrenals: