Happiness 101 May 08 2015

Did you catch the report on the science of happiness on the National a couple of weeks ago?  Apparently we can be happy if we:

  • are grateful
  • try to love what we do
  • spend time with family and friends

But apparently most of us won't follow through because we are fooled into thinking that financial success will make us happy.  The reason financial success does not make anyone happy is because as soon as we reach a goal our brains automatically set a higher goal.

To try to achieve happiness the report mentioned that everyday we should:

  • write down three things we are grateful for
  • meditate for two minutes
  • praise at least one person

I think this is awesome advice because it will help us to focus on the good things that happen during the day instead of the difficulties we may face.  And it will help us to focus on the good qualities of others instead of the things that annoy us.  To blue skies and green lights!