Improve your posture July 21 2015

People often tell me that I have great posture!  Matrix repatterning improves posture without any effort but since it will lighten your wallet a bit here are a few tips to improve on your own:

1.   Stop thinking about your shoulders.  Instead work on keeping your chest up and open. Your body will look better, function better and be more comfortable in the long run. You may even be able to breathe and digest food better.  Make sure to pop your chest up, not out. Visualize a string attached to the top of your sternum, pulling it up, and another string on the top of your head. Use your abs to help. When doing this, be careful not to create a curve in your low back.

2.   Activate your abs.  Use your core to help keep your chest up and open while allowing your arms and shoulders to simply relax back to where they’re supposed to be. This exercise is ideal to practice while sitting at a computer, and it helps keep you from curling in.  It’s also effective while moving and working out. If you are doing any type of upper-body lifting in your workout, make sure your abs are tight and your chest is up as high as possible. If you don’t, you will work incorrect muscles and create neck and shoulder issues. 

3.  Keep your head back.  This is an especially important tip for people with vision problems.  We have a tendency to try to get our face closer to the computer screen.  Or people seem to think they will see more out of their car window if they lean forward.

Practice your great posture while driving.  Suck your gut in like there's someone really "hot" in the passenger seat and you're trying to impress them.  (My clients love that one!)  Rest your head on the headrest.  Your shoulders should be touching the back of the seat.  Move your seat forward so that when your hands are in the 10 and 2 position on the steering wheel your elbows are slightly bent.  Instead of continuously adjusting the rear view mirror while you slouch further down in your seat, sit up and adjust your posture.