Anxiety 101 September 09 2015

Many of my clients suffer from anxiety which seems to range from blushing, & sweating profusely to all out panic attacks.  Anxiety can really take a toll on your health and affect your lifestyle negatively.

I usually use acupuncture to effectively treat anxiety.  I tell my clients "You will leave with all the same problems you came in with.  You just won't care about them anymore".  If you're afraid of needles look up NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) on my website.  Another great technique that I use in my practice!

However . . . there are things you can do at home.  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is based on traditional Chinese medicine.  I love it and use it when I don't have time to give myself acupuncture.

If you ask for advice at the health food store they will likely suggest B vitamins (especially 6 and 12), magnesium and possibly passionflower.  Don't forget to ask about the best time of day to take them!!!  And remember that liquids or powders are more easily absorbed.  They might also recommend some homeopathics such as pulsitilla or rescue remedy.  Great things to have on hand for a stressful day.

And remember:  Most things we stress about never happen!!!