Xi's Acupuncture October 01 2015

Last month I attended an acupuncture seminar that was a once in a lifetime experience!  The instructor (Xi) was a 90 year old Chinese gentleman who introduced acupuncture to Canada.  He also wrote all of the acupuncture textbooks used in Canada!  He is attempting to pass on 70 years of wisdom and I learned so much.

Xi introduced me to a new acupuncture method for treating pain which I have already used with success.  One of my clients had two car accidents within three weeks and has been suffering for years.  She tried all the traditional treatments to no avail and didn't want to be on strong pain medications for the rest of her life.  She came to me for matrix repatterning and we had great success with her concussion symptoms and her back pain but her neck pain has been stubborn.  We recently used a combination of matrix repatterning and Xi's acupuncture pain technique and had success!!!

The remainder of the seminar focused on treating people with infertility and chronic issues such as cystic fibrosis, multiple sclerosis, chronic kidney disease, muscle atrophy, chronic fatigue.  Many of these patients are on strong medications which have debilitating side effects.  Xi introduced effective acupuncture treatments for these issues which of course produce no side effects.

Once again I was blown away by traditional Chinese medicine which of course has helped me so much.  Give it a try!  You'll be amazed.