Earthing October 29 2015

So they now have a name for what I've instinctively been doing my whole life!  And I just read an article that claims it's the most important health discovery ever.

Scientists are apparently just learning that city dwelling is throwing our body electrical cycles out of sync and that coming into contact with the surface of the earth and reconnecting with its energy (a process called grounding) may be the answer.

"Forest bathing" (walking through a forest) is something that I do almost every day.  It is especially important in the winter when people generally spend much less time out of doors.  If the thought of going for a walk in the woods in the middle of winter sounds insane I'm going to ask you to buy the right clothes and try it.  A very good friend of mine has complained about the winter season her whole life.  One winter she arranged her schedule to walk with me three mornings a week.  She claims it was the best winter of her life.

New studies are being conducted on the health benefits of earthing.  Benefits include relief from chronic pain, reduced stress and anxiety, as well as improved sleep and brain activity.

I'm certain that everyone out there would admit that we feel our best when we're out in nature.  So come summer get in the water, take your shoes off and walk through the grass.  But since that four letter "s" word is about to become a large part of our conversation I'll let you in on a little secret.  Costco has merino wool long underwear for a really fantastic price!