Exercise for the aging April 26 2017

Miranda Esmonde-White.  Google her.  She's a 64 year old former ballerina and she's amazing!  Miranda has a show on PBS called "Classical Stretch".  It's on @ 8:30 a.m. Monday to Friday and it's a great workout.  You can find a couple of her shows on Utube or go to the library and take out one of her books.

One of my sedentary clients told me that she started just doing the warm up and now she is exercising along with Miranda everyday.  But don't think it's just for sedentary people!  I've done a few and they are challenging.

I love the workout because she exercises a muscle and then she stretches it.  Also, because she is working on strength, flexibility, posture, balance, as well as both fast-twitch and slow-twitch muscles.

 Of course, I would still rather go outside, but I've decided to fit at least one of her workouts into my schedule each week.  We've had so much rain lately I don't think it will be difficult!