Scar tissue December 17 2017

I took a new course about 6 weeks ago and bought a machine designed to reduce scar tissue.  This includes scars from surgeries, accidents, burns, dental procedures, fractures, tatoos etc.

Of course, I knew that scars cause adhesions and fascial restrictions.  But what I didn't know was that scars often lead to pain on the opposite side of the body anatomically.  For example, abdominal scars lead to back pain.

I was also not aware that TENS machines are designed to block pain but not to heal tissue.  Microcurrent point stimulation uses direct current of 50-800 microamps to influence dramatic cellular changes in tissue.

I have to admit that I was skeptical but I have been getting great results.  Clients have been reporting complete elimination of pain but one of my clients was very concerned about stitches she had recently on her face and was considering cosmetic surgery.  I worked on the scar in two different sessions and it is now invisible.  I was blown away.

If you have any scars you are concerned about please look this treatment up @