Concussions are injuries to the brain that can have physical, mental and emotional consequences.  They may be caused by sports injuries, motor vehicle collisions, falls or impacts to the head, neck or even the tailbone, as well as explosive blasts.  Pressure inside the skull can increase and damage the nerve cells thereby changing normal electrical activity.

Symptoms of concussions include:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Confusion/difficulty concentrating
  • Blurred/double vision
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Dizziness
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Depression
  • Intolerance to light/noise

    Doctors usually recommend rest and time but otherwise feel nothing can be done.  Medication may be prescribed to reduce symptoms but these do not address the cause of the symptoms.  
    Matrix Repatterning has proven successful in locating areas of damage and normalizing tissue in order to facilitate and accelerate natural healing.

    Norman Doidge M.D., in his book “The Brain’s Way of Healing” on page 373, says: “Matrix repatterning . . . . . . . can be very helpful for some people with TBI (traumatic brain injury) and other head injuries, even as a first intervention, before trying some of the other methods discussed in this book. It can sometimes remove problems that get in the way of the brain’s undertaking its own spontaneous neuroplastic healing. Sometimes it seems sufficient to help a person with a persistent traumatic brain injury get better; at other times it works well combined with different approaches.”

    Success Story
    Three years ago I was told to stop playing contact sports when I received my third serious concussion while wresting in College. The other two concussions were from rugby.

    Thinking back to my 16 year old self (before my first concussion) & who I am today I cannot think of how I used to act, what a normal day was or if my personality was different. After my concussions I would twitch my neck & right wrist uncontrollably. I had headaches, memory loss among other personal mental side affects.

    After two matrix repatterning sessions with Rhonda my daily headaches were gone. I started to think that I was going crazy as my short term memory was more useful than ever. For example, not needing a GPS for a trip I have made five/ten times before.
    And to top it all off, I was waking up a happier person. Whether it was because I didn’t have a pounding pain behind my eyes or that things were starting to work right in the old noggin again, I couldn’t complain.

    I look forward to coming in every time to one day be rid of all my pains. Rhonda has used many techniques to help & promotes health and healing with knowledge of different ways to help yourself at home.

    Thank you Rhonda.


    I am writing this to express my thanks to Rhonda King who helped me through my concussion recovery.

    Six months ago I had a bad fall resulting in a diagnosed concussion. The result was that I was not able to read for long periods of time, was light sensitive, and would tire easily.

    After 2 matrix re-patterning appointments with Rhonda King over a 2 week period my concussion symptoms decreased significantly and was well on my way to returning to my previous self!

    I was able to return to reading for an extended periods of time, headaches subsided, and watch TV without further issues.

    Thank you Rhonda!!

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