Success Stories

When I was in grade 8 I started having back problems. I was playing basketball and went for a lay up and my back went out. I went home for the rest of the day and it was so bad I was laid up for the rest of the week. The doctor told me I just needed to do core workouts. So I did what the doctor said and never really had anymore issues.

Many years later I noticed my back was getting bad again the more active I got with sports. When I would play football I would run a play, come back to run another and I would feel major fatigue in my legs and numbness through my back and legs. The day after, my back would be out and I would be laid up for a week. The same thing would happen when I played hockey or volleyball. My back would be so bad that it would take me 30 minutes to get from the couch to the restroom. I sought out many different treatments such as chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, and laser therapy but nothing seemed to help. I finally gave up sports at the age of 24 and started looking into changing careers too.

Finally matrix repatterning was recommended to me. The first time I tried it I noticed a huge difference. My flexibility was improved, the pain subsided and I was able to start being active again without anymore pain or numbness. I am 29 years old and able to play all the sports I love again! 




A terrible fall down a set of stairs left me unable to walk properly and in a great deal of pain. Rhonda recommended matrix repatterning. After the very first visit my mobility increased dramatically. Subsequent visits decreased my pain and continued to help my mobility. I have continued to use matrix repatterning to help with the pain and mobility issues associated with rheumatoid arthritis. I recommend matrix repatterning and Rhonda’s other treatments to those in need.



I was becoming accustomed to waking up every morning with a slight throb at the base of my neck. I was visiting Rhonda for massage only, as a release. She suggested Matrix Repatterning to me, and I was as skeptical as anyone else would be. However, skeptical or not, I was intrigued. Rhonda was able to source the pain back to a dental issue, and began work on my teeth right away.

Within 2-3 sessions, the pain in my neck was gone. Like, really gone. It has now been several months, and I have yet to feel that pain in the mornings. I am constantly telling others how amazing Matrix Repatterning is. Many thanks to Rhonda! She is fantastic.



My husband suffered a back injury which resulted in a herniated disc. The pain was unbearable, and he was surviving by using strong narcotic painkillers. I was already a patient of Rhonda King and she had mentioned about matrix repatterning, and the benefits and improvements that she had seen in her patients that she had treated. My husband decided to try it. Remarkably after only two treatments he was able to stop using his pain killers and has not used them since. It’s honestly like a miracle!!!



In 2011 I was in a collision with two other vehicles in Barrie. Rhonda was my RMT at the time and recommended matrix repatterning to address back and neck issues related to the accident but also to rectify injuries sustained over the years (I also suffered from chronic back pain: upper and lower). Since receiving the full matrix repatterning treatment in 2011 I am very pleased to observe that the normal aches and pains are gone. I recently completed a 50K trail race in Haliburton in 6 hours 50 minutes which is close to the time I ran that distance when I was much younger.

I look at matrix repatterning as an investment in my health which has succeeded as well as I hoped it would.

--M.K. Age 40


I had three problems that I had tried many forms of therapy to correct and had no success until I tried Matrix Repatterning.

One problem was that I had a lot of trouble concentrating when reading, studying and conversing with others. I would begin a sentence in conversation and be unable to finish it because I forgot what I wanted to say.

The second problem was that when I sat with my arms on a desk to read or study, after about 15 minutes or so when I pulled away from the desk I would have severe pain in my neck, shoulder and the base of my skull on the left side. It was incapacitating for about 15 minutes to a half hour before I got relief from it.

The third problem was in the groin area. If I would sit for any length of time I would have stiffness and pain in that area and it would last for some time.

It took a few Matrix repatterning treatments from Rhonda to see an improvement in my concentration but it sure felt great to be able to think again. The other two problems with the neck and shoulders and the groin pain only took one treatment for each of those problems to completely disappear, never to return. It has been at least 4 years now that I have been free of those annoying problems.



In 2011 I suffered from both a fall and car accident. I tried everything from medications, chiropractor, massage, orthopaedic pillow, and natural creams, but nothing was alleviating the pain. That is until I tried matrix repatterning with Rhonda. This was what finally helped me get back to normal.



After having surgery to “cure” carpal tunnel and getting it back again I was very frustrated. I am not sure how long I have known Rhonda but I am going to estimate about 10 years. I started receiving her special shoulder treatment massage and it certainly helped keep the carpal tunnel pain at bay. We then added acupuncture which helped even more and made my visits less frequent. I finally listened to her and tried the matrix repatterning after not being sure about this new therapy and presto, goodbye carpal tunnel. After only two treatments the pain, swelling and discomfort disappeared and has been gone for 2 years. I spend a lot of time on the computer and my hands are my living so I cannot thank her enough! She is so passionate about what she does and in a world where money seems to be so important, she cares more about getting you better then how much she makes. Thanks Rhonda – you are awesome!!



In the summer of 2011 I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis after an MRI. I had severe sciatic pain in my lower back, down both legs and even on the tops of my feet. My usual treatments were not working anymore. I could not get an appointment with a surgeon until the spring of 2012 so I chose to receive a cortisone epidural. It substantially helped with the pain in my lower back but I had to continue with many, many pain meds and pain patches and was still spending my days lying on a couch, and using a walker if I had to leave my house. On October 28, 2011 my grandson was born and he weighed a mere six pounds. I could not lift him at the time – I could hold him when sitting – but not lift him up.

One day a complete stranger (guessing what my pain was) offered her “story” and the name of her Matrix Repatterning practitioner. I’d never heard of it but was desperate for relief. I did not understand the practice or it’s principles but, surprisingly, within the first 3 treatments I actually was gaining some relief. After the next three I was reaching a level of comfort that I had not known in 10 months. After 12 treatments the pain in my legs had subsided and though the tops of my feet did not feel right – it wasn’t painful. Then came another surprise. I realized my emotional state was improving. Depression and anxiety that began in 2005 after the death of my mother were dramatically decreased. Continued treatments brought more and more comfort and my emotional health too continued to improve.

It is now two years later, my grandson now weighs 30 pounds and . . . I can lift him . . . yes it works. I am so grateful that I could not get an appointment with the surgeon until after I had tried Matrix Repatterning. I was so desperate for relief I would have tried anything. Matrix Repatterning and practitioner Rhonda King have changed my life . . . for the better. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!!! I cannot overstate the difference that Matrix Repatterning can make in one’s life. Try it and see for yourself the difference it can make with physical ailments and the pain they bring!

--VK, a very grateful client!


When I first consulted Rhonda in 2009, I had been suffering from a debilitating headache for three and a half years. Along with the headache came frequent nausea, blurred vision, vertigo, tingling of the lips, facial swelling, difficulty in concentrating, among other symptoms. I was seen by an ear, nose, throat specialist and referred to St Michael’s hospital where it was quickly determined that I did not have any sinus disease. I was further referred to a headache clinic in Toronto where a weekly regimen of injections and massage was recommended. At that point, I consulted Rhonda, who, in two sessions alleviated the headache. The accompanying symptoms disappeared as well. The change in my outlook was dramatic. I went from being ‘delicate’ to becoming my former, self-confident self.



In the summer of 2013 I contacted a virus which attacked all the nerves in my head. I lost my hearing almost totally and could not see well. My head felt like a balloon. After consulting my doctor for 2 weeks he recommended Matrix Repatterning with Rhonda King. After the second session something happened. The following morning my phone rang early and I answered without having the hearing aids in my ears. And lo and behold I understood every word very clearly. To me that was short of a miracle. I continue with my sessions and each one I have a feeling of well being. In other words, “I feel in my skin”. Thank you, Rhonda.



We have benefited greatly from Matrix Repatterning. I find the concept behind how it works fascinating and hopeful. It worked well for us with new injuries – concussion and broken collarbone – and old chronic issues – back and neck. It is very gently and effective and helps the body heal itself very quickly. I would and do recommend this type of therapy to everyone young and old!

--TG & CG



In December of last year I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my lower back. Due to pain and mobility issues I had to take a leave of absence from work. I had difficulty walking and standing straight. Sitting and lying down were also a challenge, and medication was all I could do to manage the pain. My mom had recommended Matrix Repatterning since she had good results with a shoulder injury. Since I was on a waiting list to see a surgeon I figured it couldn’t hurt, maybe I’d get a little relief since the waiting list for a consultation was at least two months. My first session I had difficulty getting onto the table, but after a few treatments it was easier to move around and my pain had started to decrease. By the time I had my consultation with the surgeon I could go for walks unaided and was standing up straight. The spine specialist did not recommend surgery. He said that things in my back were healing on their own and to keep doing the Matrix Repatterning. Matrix Repatterning is a great type of therapy to help the body to heal on its own. It can improve your overall health, not just a particular problem. Now that my herniated disc has healed my back feels better than it did before I ever injured it.




Matrix has changed my life.  After years of various therapies that I had been doing because of a serious car accident, I was still in a lot of pain and I was exhausted from the pain.  I live on my own and being able to do daily activities around the house and errands were a challenge and forget about a social life.

Then I heard about Matrix Repatterning and I am really glad I did.   Matrix was a therapy that could go deeper without causing pain and it wouldn’t take as long to achieve results, so I decided to give it a try.

After the Matrix treatments the pain and the pressure that had been with me for 12 years was alleviated and I wasn’t so tired all the time.  I could breath easier, sleep better and my stress level was reduced.  Life wasn’t so challenging anymore and I could finally envision an end to the pain.  I only wish that I had heard about Matrix sooner, I might have been better faster.